Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WNY 2nd Gathering

Here are some pictures from the WNY Gathering, these are some of my table mates for the shoebox swap. I'm sorry but I have a terrible memory for names. The only person I know by name is Cheryl Rowley who is in the second row on the right side. I'm sorry that I can't remember the other names. I had a fantastic and busy time.
The potted paper flowers were made by bbscrapper_Barbara and was my fabulous gift in the gift exchange. Thanks Babara. All of the flowers are punched or cut and hand designed, the pot has a decoupage base "so pretty" and I even have some flower seeds to plant in my garden that will remind me of this day for years to come.
I would also like to thanks Jodi and all of her helpers for putting on such a fantastic gathering. This being the 2nd gathering let's hope that it turns into an annual event.

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  1. what a wonderful gift to receive, looks like you had a fantastic time girl!!!